Our Vision:

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We, as an Instructor Training Center #741079, aim for quality and best training following the SSI standards.

Our main goal is to give you the best diving service of this area in a safe but fun environment.

Protect the reef and support local environment project and

Trip Advisor is there to prove it. Since our opening, we are ranking 1st.

Our team:

Made and Putu are the fouders of Ocean Dreams Pemuteran

Renaud is our Instructor Certifier# 47650 and the husband of Made

Gede, Lempeh, Okta et Wayan are our Instructors and Diveguides

Putu, Dede are in training to divemaster Suci help with accounting. Yogi and Lapis are our helpers


Scubapro is the brand that we use as it is the best on the market.

We have 2 technicians level 2 on our team who service the rental equipment every 6 months

We use Scubapro Tune BCD for rental and course from junior to XL, Scubapro MK2 1st stage regulator with N295 second stages and alternate air source

Pressure gauges (in bar) and depth gauge (in meters) on every sets

Since the water is about 28-30C, we rent Scubapro shorty who are washed with wetsuit shampoo every day.. Sizes from XS to XXL


Ocean Dreams is focus on safety for our guests ,guides and instructors

We have purchase 2 electric Bauer Mariner compressors to provide pure and clean air to our guests and we offer NITROX for free for divers who are certified NITROX

The compressor is located away from the road in a dedicated room and it is serviced 1 time per year as manufacturer recommend.

The filters are changed every 20 hours of filling by our staffs that have been trained on maintenance and servicing.

All our cylinders have been hydrostatically tested and we visually inspect them and do the valve maintenance every 6 months, before and after every high season to ensure a perfect working condition



+62(0) 8113851681


Jl. Seririt-Gilimanuk
81155 Pemuteran Gerokgak Singaraja
Bali Indonesia